LA Times

5x Revenue and 7-figure Partnerships in 6 Months

The LA Times / Tribune (Tronc) had a lack of diverse video revenue strategies outside of its traditional digital sales teams. The opportunities were not strategic and the payback period was too long. Reporting to the President of New Ventures at the LA Times/ Tribune, a strategic business plan and revenue roadmap included the presentation of new revenue opportunities to executive management and defined specific yield optimization techniques for implementation.

Partnership deals were formed with some of the world’s largest media companies, generating new video, subscription and email revenue, paving the way for additional syndication revenue development.

Food Network

300 Percent Increase in Viewership Over 5 Years with Hutch Media as The First Content Syndication Partner

Food Network (Scripps Networks) owned a massive library of content that was unseen by many segments of target audiences, and had a sales team that continually needed incremental ad inventory to sell against through Scripps’ newly-acquired video technology company. Food Network audiences were offered content through distributed social channel and publishers. This aligned with strategic initiatives of Food Network parent company by delivering editorial integrations and premium placements that broadened the reach of the content.

Hundreds of millions of content views across multiple platforms over five years were achieved and Hutch Media became first official syndication partner for Food Network, Travel Channel and several other Scripps brands.

Investor's Business Daily

Audience Expansion through Influencers and Partnerships (Investor’s Business Daily) was reaching more than 5 million people per month, but the brand wanted to expand its reach to a more social media savvy audience on platforms like Twitter. Utilizing a strategic plan, social media influencers were recruited to help improve awareness of IBD. Ad tech platform evaluations were completed and best practices were utilized to measure impact and show attribution.

100 million+ impressions were generated and $1 million+ in media value was generated, and about three dozen new strategic partnerships were secured, including partnerships with CNBC hosts, and well-regarded finance influencers like Howard Linzdon.



Profitable in 2 Months; Significant Earnings in 2 Years was a digital publishing venture losing millions prior to 2012. In partnership with highly-regarded digital media executive Rich Battista, management acquired Snakkle and devised an aggressive growth plan to put the company back on track.

The goal was to turn-around the business by lowering costs, raising revenue, forming new partnerships and increasing user acquisition. Content, brand, monetization, strategy and user acquisition tactics were all re-evaluated. In under two months from the acquisition, Snakkle began to forge meaningful traffic relationships with Huffington Post, Fox, Yahoo! and many more, resulting in millions of new visitors and substantial net profit after two years.


Turning Losses into Millions in 2 Years

RumorFix was a digital media publication owned by celebrity television host, Dr. Phil. The site was featured on his program many times, along with The Doctors, another successful show produced by Dr. Phil. While RumorFix was excellent at creating content, it needed help growing and monetizing its audience.

After acquiring RumorFix, the site went from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to earning millions in revenue in just two years.

Viral Nova

Increasing Yield Under Challenging Circumstances

Viral Nova was one of the largest viral sharing websites on the web, boasting hundreds of millions of users. The site was acquired by the same company that acquired NMP founder Jimmy Hutcheson’s Hutch Media, giving Viral Nova the opportunity to benefit from his management, acquisition and revenue optimization techniques.

Monitoring the traffic sources which yielded the most revenue, Hutcheson helped increase revenue and forged several new partnerships. By leveraging traffic vendors, monitoring companies and other tech companies was instrumental in turning the company around and helping it scale.  

Viral Nova was able to increase its revenue yield despite major management changes throughout the process.

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