We believe companies with underserved potential deserve a chance to shine

Our exclusive focus is on acquiring underserved digital publishing and advertising technology assets we believe have the potential to scale. Our proprietary model predicts with a high degree of accuracy the rate of return based on a detailed analysis of each business and our proven ability to streamline operations, increase return on ad spend and grow revenue yield and profit.

Industry Focus

Our firm leverages the proven track record of our founders’ operating experience, deep relationships, and technology in ad tech and digital publishing.

Digital Publishing: Companies with a strong audience base, content and distribution channels  (e.g. email, social media)

Ad Tech: Companies with cash flow that need more publishers and whose technology can be used to support our publishers

Our digital publishers operate over a wide range of content categories, including:













We’re actively interested in acquiring advertising technologies that complement our publishing assets.

Yield Optimization

Video SSPs

Native advertising

Influencer platforms

Ideal Company Profile

We seek to acquire undervalued yet promising businesses with an existing audience/ customer base, distribution and niche content or tech.

For digital publishers, our ideal company partners are influencers, experts and enthusiasts who want to expand upon their subject matter expertise by creating great content while we help them with operations and growth.

For ad tech, we look for strong technical leads with engineering backgrounds who have proven customers (Saas or otherwise).

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